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Done Like Dinner

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Hockey enforcer

Bam! We heard the big man fall to the ice, skates, sticks, gloved fists pounding his skull into the ice over and over as the crowd chanted the hero to rise to his feet. Referees waiting at blood’s edge, mouth on whistle, hand ready to cease play, waiting…waiting…waiting

‘It is not real’, sighed the spectators watching from far away on their sports broadcasts.

Instead the paused moment of watching their enforcer get the beat down for the sake of enforcing reign on the ice incited the arena into rage adrenalin.

Players from each team, fans from each side erupted into almighty violence, carnage too chaotic to comprehend. Teeth and blood flying like shrapnel in the humid air.

And in the haze and in the maze of flying fists and shrapnel, the hockey enforcer’s wife walked through the violence as if parting the legendary red sea.

She stared into the eyes of those who incite such drama for the sake of filling arenas and selling team merchandise. And in a hush the arena was quiet, no music, no clapping, nothing but pure silence. The hockey enforcer rose to his feet and skated to his wife, a gesture promising to forsake his career to be home with her, his true love.

The crowd erupted into a cheer, clapping, chanting and singing, until a roar consumed the arena, a loud rumbling from the depths of the enforcer’s wife, “Enough,” she punctuated in the final breath of voice before blowing away the arena barriers. Alone holding hands staring into each other for eternity, the enforcer knew he had to go back to work laying down the hockey law. “Gotta go babe.” and he skated back into the carnage, into the darkness, away from choices. CH
Thank you for reading a short story today, amina

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Octegenarian Wrath

The day grandpa came back was the day dad returned to drowning in moonshine. The return of grandpa meant the return of old wounds, unresolved issues and the terror of the unknown.The grandkids stayed away and mom spent all her time back home on her family’s farm. Dad stayed awake drinking away the sorrows, while grandpa came back to get what was rightfully his. Grandpa hollered and smashed walls with his wooden bat. He made it known that he was the ultimate patriarch. He had the power to erase the lives he created, everyone was useless except David.
The only person to ever see the calm of grandpa was his David. David was the last one in the multi-generational family who could maneuver grandpa’s violent temper.

The family called upon David to deal with the ‘issue’ of grandpa.

David had just put his twin sons down for their afternoon nap, when the phone started ringing. The only time of the day David had for himself was consumed with the logistics of solving the family problems yet again. Being the proverbial glue meant he was the go to person to find out information.

David kept the family in the loop with important details like wedding, births, graduations and other assorted family news. Every sibling has their own solutions for grandpa, each aunt and uncle fearing the wrath of grandpa. David was more than family mediator he was family counsel and hope. Being the only functional member of the family clan, it was David’s responsibility to stop grandpa from mass destruction. The violence only intensified as grandpa pushed his way into each of his grown children’s lives. Old wounds and unresolved issues the shrapnel spreading generations.

“Pappa. It is David. Grandpa Jack, let’s go,” and with that simple sentence grandpa’s demeanor changed from hunched over angry, to upright and proud. David and Jack exact look-a-likes, doppelgangers. Grandpa lost his rage and softened with joy to see his handsome grandson David. CH
Thank you for reading, amina

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